“But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.”

Helix Anansi

Monster, Monster


Wickedly Curious

The Bio

The Huntress


Monster, Monster



from the depths of the void, she existed, enslaved in a domain that wasn't her own. ever the curious one, she wandered off time and time again, hoping to escape; anywhere but there.



with freedom comes consequence. upon entering etheirys, she learned that things weren't quite as she expected. surviving hinged on feeding in an aether-abundant world; a world where laws governed her kind.


Blissfully Ignorant

the succubus knew very little of what it was to 'live' a mortal life. what is food, and how does one eat it? what is sunlight? Can one touch it? Taste it? Consume it? Ignorance, at its core, was absolute bliss.


Helix is being taught to conceal her true identity, but still has the inherent urge to fall back into old habits. Did you see her consume aether with the touch of a hand?In her true form, Helix is but a wisp of dark aspected aether shaped into the form of a winged creature. She travels by way of teleportation, but can only move from one place to another in a ten foot radius. Did you see her pass you by? Was she there, and then gone? This is no will-o-wisp, friend. Tread carefully.

21+ Roleplay and OOC info

Being that Helix is a succubus, she oftentimes finds herself in precarious, nsfw situations. I will roleplay with anyone of any age, but risque, and nsfw varieties are reserved for 21+I am not my character, and I have no interest in crossing or blurring the ic/ooc line. I am here to write and enjoy the characters I create. Nothing more.


Name| Helix Anansi
Gender| Female
Age| Unknown
Hair| Black
Eyes| White; Dark pink
Height| 5'10"
Race| Succubus
Likes| Learning about Etheirys. Pizza. Exploring. Nice people.

Orientation| Pansexual
Relationship| Single
Personality| Curious, asks a lot of questions that seem 'silly' to some, but she's from the void, sooo... give headpats, and patience?
Dislikes| being treated like a child, getting lost, loud people

The Huntress